Employee retention is absolutely critical.

Inntro, the world’s first job shadow app, makes it easy.

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How it works.

Inntro helps get employees more deeply engaged in your organization through job shadow events. In the process, they build a stronger internal network. Both make it much tougher for them to leave. How do we do it? Keep scrolling…

  1. Employees browse job shadows happening anywhere in your company.

    They quickly and easily find the events that are most interesting to them.

  2. With a tap, they reserve their spot at any job shadow event.

    After that, they simply show up and have fun meeting new people in your company.

  3. Stronger internal connections = higher rate of retention.

    It’s a fact. Employee retention is more tightly correlated to the degree and quality of internal relationships than anything else.

Think about it. If Inntro helps you avoid one resignation per month, it's already a positive financial ROI.

We know retention happens when an employee sees a clear path to opportunities within their current organization. That's what Inntro does best.

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