Save time, money, AND get unparalleled access to young professionals.

Inntro streamlines the process of curating and connecting with talent that fits your culture.

How it works

Hiring the right people is grueling and inefficient. Inntro is ready to shake things up for you and the next generation workforce. Here’s how it works:

1. Create a job shadow.

Quickly and easily select your format, day, and time.

2. Select your location.

You can target talent anywhere in the world.

3. Meet talented people who really want to meet you.

Build your pipeline and make the best hires ever!

By the way, you’re not alone. Here are some of the companies interested in partnering with Inntro:

About inntro

Inntro is the world’s first job shadow app. Whether in-person or online, Inntro enables companies to quickly and easily create events to curate, meet, and engage prospective talent. In the process, talented young professionals get hands-on brand and culture experiences.

We’re a team passionate about helping early-stage job seekers get their start. We’ve been there and it’s our turn to help.

(And once we get a team photo, we can replace that stock photo here!)

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